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Wild Exploration 

Here are some "big questions" for you to think about.
Have fun!

Question 1

Jay decides to play with a machine that follows a 111 \leftarrow 1 rule. He puts one dot into the rightmost box.
What happens? Do assume there are infinitely many boxes to the left.
I2SE - Image001

Suggi plays with a machine following the rule 212 \leftarrow 1. She puts one dot into the right-most box. What happens in this case?

Do you think these machines are interesting? Is there much to study about them?

Question 2

Poindexter decides to play with a machine that follows the rule 232 \leftarrow 3.

Describe what happens when there are three dots in a box.


Question 3

Work out the 232\leftarrow 3 machine codes for the numbers 11 up to 3030. Any patterns?


Question 4

The code for ten in this machine turns out to be 21012101. Look at your code for twenty. Can you see it as the answer to "ten plus ten"? Does your code for thirty look like the answer to "ten plus ten plus ten"?

Comment: We'll explore this weird 232\leftarrow 3 machine later on.

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