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Station  8

Let’s keep playing with the 1101\leftarrow 10 machine. And let’s do a multiplication problem … right now!

Question 1

Solve this multiplication as quickly as possible! Can you do it in less than 1010 seconds?

I3S8 - image 22

Question 2

Perform some explosions on the machine to see that our answer to 26417×326417 \times 3 matches the answer 7925179251, one that society understands:


Question 3

Now try to calculate 26417×426417 \times 4.
(We are going to run out of boxes. Can you see what the answer is going to be if we did draw a sixth box?)


Question 4

Make the explosions required to stabilize the product of 6417×106417 \times 10.


Have a look at the station on “multiplying by 1010” to see why 26417×1026417\times 10 is 264170264170. (But maybe you’ve figured out why already?)

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